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I got my high school education at a Catholic school, that got me interested in the rich language of Christian iconography, then spent time exploring and photographing the more hedonistic sides of my birth city, Berlin.

After that, I studied pharmacy which got me interested in experimenting and applying my chemical knowledge in the photographic darkroom. I got into silver gelatin printing and film development, experimenting with self-mixed chemicals and alternative processes.

Following that, I studied photography at the well renowned documentary style focused Ostkreuzschule, departed after two semesters as I felt I needed to find my way.

My work has been about people going through fleeting moments of their lives, such as porn actors and rope artists, people from the less well-lit corners of underground scenes, body and movement telling of their triumphs and tribulations.

I’m trying to evoke and create a sense of ambiguity and mystery, where figures emerge and retreat into shadow. This chiaroscuro device aims to remove the corpus, human image, body call it what you will, from time and space, leaving only sensuality and empathy on the surface of the image and thus for the viewer to contemplate.

At present, I’m using these ideas in my sculptural practice, having done an apprenticeship to stone sculptor Andreas Hoferick in Berlin and Ralf Knie in Dresden.

I am eager to hone my skills to interpret my ideas in a variety of visual and sculptural methods, currently exploring fashion.

17.10. – 02.12. 2016

“Pixel in Pigmenten” with Wolfgang Petrick and Ricoh Gerbl among others at Kunstwerkstatt Bethanien, Berlin

31.03 – 01.04 2017

Pop-up Exhibition together with Joseph Benyamin Reich at Berghain Halle, Berlin

01.04. – 22.04. 2017

“ikea relationships” together with Anarella Martinez and Irene Cruz at Die Bäckerei, Innsbruck, Austria

13.04. – 11.05. 2017

“still” with Setareh Alipour at Noize Fabrik, Berlin

02.06. – 07.07. 2017

“Catalyst” with Takuma Hiramatsu at Serigraffeur, Berlin

08.07. – 22.07. 2017

“Anomalie presents: Wewetzer, Kimbo, Serigraffeur” at Anomalie, Berlin

13.01. – 03.02. 2018

“Eigenleben” together with Marcin Plonka, Joseph Benyamin Reich, Esa Ylijaasko, Martina Cirese, Matt Martin and Thomas Gosset at Neurotitan, Berlin

10.03. – 29.04.2018

“Jenseits der Perfektionsfalle” together with Marcin Plonka, Joseph Benyamin Reich, Esa Ylijaasko and Thomas Gosset at Werkstattgalerie, Berlin

06.07. – 30.08.2018

“Die Menge des Lichts bestimmt den Grad der Schwärzung” among others with Benyamin Reich and Ricoh Gerbl at Kunstwerkstatt Bethanien, Berlin

01.11. – 14.11.2018

“Versprechungen” together with Milena Zara and Jeffrey James at Garten 114, Berlin

28.12.2018 – 01.11.2019

“me:tropolis” pop-up exhibition with Thomas Nitz, Marcin Plonka and Jeffrey James at Garten 114, Berlin

15.03. – 30.05.2019

“schwarze Kunst – auch bunt” group show at Kunstwerkstatt Bethanien, Berlin

28.06. – 24.08.2019

“Schönheit gegen Gewalt” together with Klaus Vogelgesang, Rudolf zur Lippe, Benyamin Reich at Werkstattgalerie, Berlin

27.02. 2020

“One-night stand show” Johannes Wewetzer at Vorster&Braye, Cape Town, South Africa

05.09 – 10.10.2020

“Close” together with Rossouw van der Walt and Talut Kareem-Black at Deepest Darkest Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

21.12. 2020 – 30.01. 2021

„WTF?!“ with Leanne Olivier, Henk Serfontien,Kevin Mackintosh at Deepest Darkest Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

18.09 – 02.11.2021

“Towards Us” Johannes Wewetzer at 45, Berlin

05.11 2022 – 07.03 2023

In residence at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China

25.04 2023 – 14.05 2023

Swatch Artjourney at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China

19.07 2023 – 16.10 2023

Transcend Time, Transcend Space at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China